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University Admissions

We will guide you from the beginning, choosing the schools you would like to apply to until submission of all your requirements.

Interview Preparation

You will learn the essential elements in answering university and job interview questions.

English Test Preparation

Check this out if your preparing for IELTS

We can also help you with these

Professional Essay Editing

We can help you plan and structure your university application essays so you can deliver clearly the message that you would like to convey.

Proof Reading

If you're writing a thesis, dissertation or any any task that require you to be extremely accurate and meticulous, then this is the right service for you.

Legal English

This program is extremely helpful to students and professionals who are engaging in the field of law. You will be learning legal terms, and discussing various criminal, civil, political, environmental and numerous cases.

Medical English

Suitable for students and professionals in the medical field. This program aims to improve learners' mastery of medical and surgical terminologies and procedures.

English for Business and Finance

This is best suited for students and professionals in the field of finance, business, and economics.

Daily Conversation

This program aims to improve students' effectiveness in their day-to-day communication. The discussions revolve around a wide range of topics, including social, environmental, political, cultural and countless other issues depending on the students' preference.

We can help you with...

Creative Writing 100%
CV/Resume Building 97%
Letters 95%
Undergrad Writing 100%